The Children's Ballet Centre - Baby Ballet Academy

 Baby Ballet Academy from 3 years
The building blocks of ballet technique are encouraged early in our creative choreographed classes, they improve posture and poise, imagination and expression, raise levels of confidence and self esteem, in a caring, positive, disciplined environment.
Taught by professional ballet dancers / teachers. CRB enhanced certificates and child protection trained, First Aid trained.
Baby Ballet Academy Classes
Pre-school ballet 3-5 years.The pre-school ballet is an introduction to the art of dance by promoting the exploration of creativity and expression through movement. This  class supports the development and improvement of motor skills. It improves coordination as well as attention and listening skills, as a preparation for continued study of classical ballet. Once children have graduated from the baby ballet academy they then move into: THE CHILDREN'S BALLET CENTRE

Baby Ballet Academy dancers

Teachers are experienced, both in performing with professional ballet companies, in theatre, film and TV. With our knowledge, understanding of the profession we believe it  a valuable addition in supporting our students in their training.For those either wishing to pursue a career in dance or purely for the fun. Our professional staff are selected carefully, teachers are fully registered, we maintain the principles of safe dance practice and promote a sound understanding and knowledge of classical ballet.